Teach English Online: No Degree, No Problem! See Who’s Hiring


Are you looking for a part-time teaching gig but you don't have a college degree? Relax! You can teach English online: no degree, no problem!

This isn’t a scam; there are legit companies with flexible schedules that will hire you to teach English to students around the world.

The teaching job is remote, meaning you teach from home (in your pajamas, if you want!), and there are plenty of companies out there that don’t require you to have a degree.

We'll cut to the chase: below is a list of 16 companies to consider. They all hire online English teachers with no degree.

Click on any of the companies in the box to go straight to their description and learn how to apply.

Certainly, there are some companies that will only hire tutors with degrees, teaching certificates, or previous classroom experience, like VIPKid and Magic Ears, for example. 

However, due to the demand for instruction, today there are plenty of online teaching jobs to be filled and there are reputable places that will allow you to teach English online without a degree. 

So, if you’re a native English speaking “people-person” interested in connecting with others, saving money (because there's no commute or fancy work wardrobe!), and earning money at the same time, check out the list below for all the nitty-gritty details on  companies hiring online English tutors, no degree required.


italki is a global language learning site, offering lessons from hundreds of teachers in many languages. 

To qualify as an English language community tutor, you don’t need a degree, you just need to be a native English speaker.

If, however, you want to become a higher-level professional tutor with this company, you will need at least a university degree or proof of prior teaching experience.

You must create an online profile, which should include a short video introduction.

When you’re hired, students will contact you through the iTalki site to book a class via Skype.

The lessons range in length, sometimes clocking in at just 30 minutes. Both the student and teacher are encouraged to leave feedback after each session.

You determine your own pay rate and iTalki takes 15% of your earnings. You’ll be paid in “credits” which can be turned into USD through PayPal or Skrill.

Garret Geitner


"I love italki because the platform is a convenient way to meet teachers from all different regions of the globe. For me, studying Spanish, I enjoy that I can learn different dialects by hiring a teacher from Venezuela, Mexico, or Argentina. Language is fluid in time and space and italki is a platform that embodies this."


A program for students of all ages (from 4 to adult) and from around the globe (although 70% are from Saudi Arabia), Cambly, which is one of the top online language schools, offers scheduled classes as well as an opportunity for spontaneous conversation practice.

Cambly online teaching prides itself on having a tutor available 24/7, every day of the year. 

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or a teaching certificate to join Cambly, but you do need to be a native English speaker with an easy conversational style.

You must have a high-speed computer with a webcam and a headset with a decent mic.

To apply, you'll have to fill out an application online, create a profile page, submit a brief introduction video, and pass a background check. 

Cambly online teaching pays 17 cents (USD) per minute, which comes to just over $10 per hour.

Teachers receive payment weekly via Paypal, make their own schedules, and can work as often as they like. 


While SayABC prefers to hire tutors with a bachelor’s degree, if you don’t have one you can join their internship programs with American and Canadian universities.

What you do need to give English lessons with this company, however, is a high-speed desktop computer, a webcam, a headset with a mic, Google Chrome browser, and the proper teaching software (provided by SayABC).

Each 40-minute class has 4 students. The well-crafted lessons are created with the help of National Geographic Learning.

You create your own schedule and the beginning rate is $15 per class (with the opportunity to increase to up to $19 per class).

If interested, you’ll need an up-to-date resumé. You’ll then be contacted and told to prepare for an interview and to conduct a demo class. 


Although at VerbalPlanet you don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree to get hired, you’re apt to be approved faster (and appeal to more students) if you mention previous teaching experience on your tutor profile.

You determine the pay scale, preferably ranging from $10 - $20 per 45-minute class. As you build your reputation and popularity, you may choose to raise your fee. 

Like many other ESL tutor jobs, you can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection, a computer with Skype capabilities, a headset with a mic, and a webcam.

VerbalPlanet supplies the tools and resources you need to structure, execute, and manage your online ESL classes. 


At SkimaTalk, you can be an online teacher without a bachelor’s degree.

No matter where you live, if you’re a native English speaker with a strong work ethic, you can go ahead and sign up and create a profile page.

You’ll have to pass a “test” before you’re approved to teach 1-on-1 classes. SkimaTalk provides all teaching materials. 

For optimal results, SkimaTalk recommends using Google Chrome on a PC/Mac, and tutors must have a webcam, a headset, and a mic.

Students use “SkimaTalk Coins” to purchase lessons (prices vary and are determined by teachers). For example, one 25-minute lesson costs approximately 9 coins.  


If you live in the US or Canada, you can join the team at QKids to teach English online to Chinese students, ages 4 to 12.

While you can teach online without a bachelor’s degree, you do need to demonstrate that you’re actively working towards a TESOL or TEFL certificate (and applicants with a BA or previous teaching experience are preferred). The classes have up to 4 students and last 30 minutes.

All you need on the technical side is a high-speed computer that has glitch-free audio and video, a headset, and a mic.  

After submitting a brief intro video, there are two “demo” interviews, a mock class, and a background check to pass before getting hired.

Tutors must commit to a 6-month contract, working a minimum of 6 hours a week or more.

QKids provides the lesson plans. The base pay is $8 per lesson and there are various incentives and bonuses available. Tutors are paid once a month.

Amazing Talker

No bachelor’s degree is required to start teaching with Amazing Talker, but you must be a native English speaker and a teaching certificate is preferred.

Tutors set their own schedules and rates for “mini lessons” of 25 minutes or “private lessons” that last 50 minutes. At Amazing Talker there are no time commitments; you work as much or as little as you want!

Since the students have a wide range of requests and are at all different skill levels, tutors are required to create their own teaching materials to meet each individual’s needs.

For 0-15% of your fee, Amazing Talker will display your profile on their site, promote your services on social media, and manage all financial aspects of your work. 

English Ninjas

You must have a special area of expertise to become a tutor with English Ninjas, and previous teaching experience is preferred.

The mostly Turkish students are looking to hone specific skills, for example in business or communications, and will choose a tutor accordingly.

English Ninjas pays $10 per hour and tutors set their own work schedules.

Before getting hired, English Ninjas will need an intro video and then will ask you to demonstrate that you have the proper technical equipment to effortlessly connect with students around the world.

Ginseng English

You don’t need to be from North America, be a native English speaker, or have a degree or a teaching certificate to hook up with Ginseng English.

Instead, they need you to prove that you’re professional, personable, and promotable! Tutors should be willing to share feedback with students via email and have some flexibility regarding scheduling. 

Applicants need to create a brief intro video on Zoom that describes any previous teaching experience. In addition, you should explain why you think you’ll be an asset to the Ginseng English team.

As for the pay rate, Ginseng English claims to offer “double the competitive price.” 


Be sure to mention if you have a degree, a teaching certificate, or teaching experience when you apply to be a tutor with Skyeng. While none of these are technically required, Skyeng prefers to hire credentialed teachers. 

Skyeng is looking for personable, engaging candidates. The application process involves recording an introductory video and answering general questions.

It’s a good idea to explain why you’ll be a benefit to the company and share some ideas about general teaching methods. 

You can create your own schedule and work from anywhere. What’s more, you don’t need to dream up lesson plans or source your own teaching materials.

The Skyeng salary is between $5-10 per 50-minute class. 


There are no set schedules at Tutlo. Tutors connect online with students whenever they have the time to teach a class and receive between $5-$11 per 60-minute session. Pay is determined by level of teaching experience and is managed through PayPal. 

You must be a native English speaker and at least 18 years old. Previous teaching experience is required, but candidates do not need to have a degree or a teaching certificate.

Before applying, make sure your internet connection is reliable with a download/upload speed of 3 Mb/s or more.

Tutors have access to the company’s lesson plans and organizational materials and the staff is open to questions and feedback. 

To apply, fill out the online form and submit a quick intro video.


Chinese students have immediate access to teachers, all of them native English speakers, through NiceTalk.

Students connect with tutors on “random calls,” an automatic system that pairs students and teachers via a rating system, or “direct calls,” where a student chooses to speak with a particular teacher.

The language skills vary, so it’s up to the tutor to keep the conversation flowing in a comfortable, professional manner.

NiceTalk expects employees to have high-speed internet, a reliable operating system, and proper audio/visual equipment.

Applicants do not need a degree, although teaching certificates and any previous experience is considered a plus. The pay is $10 per hour and payment is via PayPal.


No experience is necessary to join iBestTeacher, an online English language instruction site that remotely connects teachers all over the world with Chinese students, grades K-12. Classes can be 1-on-1 or up to 4 students. 

If you have high-speed internet, Google Chrome browser, an upload speed of 2mb/s and download speed of 5mb/s, a webcam, a headset with a microphone, a quiet environment and a positive attitude, iBestTeacher is an excellent ESL teaching job.

To get started, submit a resume and a profile picture. You’ll be contacted for an interview and training session, and then you’ll be asked to watch demo videos and conduct a mock class.

After a review, you’ll be presented with a contract to work 2 hours 2 days a week.

Your pay rate ($12 -$23/hour) will be determined by your training scores and how you did on your demo class. Unlike other companies, iBestTeacher evaluates tutors every 3-6 months and considers a pay raise.


The company goFLUENT is for students looking to learn business English at an accelerated rate in either 1-on-1 classes or group instruction.

Tutors are native English speakers who have an understanding of corporate communications and how to conduct business on a global scale. 

You must be willing to work a minimum of 5 hours per week at a rate up to $15 per hour. While a bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary, you must have some college experience and exhibit strong communication skills and an understanding of corporate practices.

Preference will be given to applicants who are fluent in a second language.

On the technical side, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection, a land-line or cable telephone, a headset with mic, and a webcam. 


If you’re a native English speaker, at least 16 years old, and have a high-speed internet connection and the ability to Skype, reliable audio/visual equipment, and a desire to connect with students learning the English language, you may be the ideal candidate for SameSpeak. 

Learners join SameSpeak to practice conversational English in 30-minute increments; tutors get paid $10 per session and payment is made weekly via PayPal as long as you've earned $100.

Same Speak provides instructions for each lesson and the company is always available if you have questions.


Since Berlitz is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to language instruction, tutors are carefully chosen to meet the needs of the students, aged 4 – 17.

All tutors must be native English speakers willing to lead age-appropriate private lessons based on the skill level and personal goals of students.

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Chat for cash

If you’re an English speaker who enjoys meeting new people, working as an online English tutor might be your perfect part-time job.

You don’t need to make a major time commitment and you don’t even need a bachelor’s degree to get started. Some ESL companies don't require that you have experience teaching, and others don't care if you're TEFL certified.

Moreover, for many of these ESL teaching companies, you have access to a resource library and the class materials are provided for you.

With the online teaching companies and job leads listed above, in just a few moments you can start turning your conversations into cash.