iTutorGroup Reviews: 9 Teachers Tell All + A Company Overview


Teaching English from home is a rapidly growing industry and companies are popping up all over the place. With that in mind, you won't want to miss these iTutorGroup reviews to help you decide if this is the right online ESL job for you.

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With so many different opportunities out there, it's hard to keep them all straight. You want to find the right work-from-home job and ensure that you are getting fairly compensated and working for a company that's trustworthy. 

If you're not familiar with iTutorGroup, it has been around for over 20 years and is a great online ESL job you can do from the comfort of your own home.


Type of side gig – Teaching English to Chinese kids and adults
Hires – Native and non-native speakers with a neutral accent living in the US, the UK and Canada
Schedule – 24/7 bookings available
Pay – Varies by location regardless of whether you're a native or non-native speaker; 25-minute class: $7-10/hour base rate + $1 attendance bonus + $1 for 50 sessions or more; 45-minute class: $7.50 + bonuses; average pay is $15-$20/hour, monthly payment via direct deposit

What is iTutorGroup?

iTutorGroup is one of many companies that pays you to teach English online and from the comfort of your own home.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Taiwan, this company has been giving people the chance to work from home teaching English online longer than anyone.

Teachers teach students anywhere from age 5 to adult and classes range from 1-on-1 to up to 6 students per class. Students are primarily in China, though the company also serves clients in Taiwan and Japan.

ITG has a set curriculum which is easy to follow, so there is limited work that needs to be done outside of class.

Classes last between 25 and 45 minutes, depending on the age of the group. 

Is iTutorGroup legit?

The company is absolutely above the board.

Fly-by-night companies don’t stick around as long as iTutorGroup has, and there is a ton of third-party information online that verifies the good, the bad, and the legitimacy of the company.

To go one step further, it's a real job where you earn real money (not points or gift cards), and some people even earn enough to make a full-time income. 

iTutorGroup interview

As this is a real job, there is a detailed interview process, and the company takes it seriously. The first step is to go to their website and sign up. After you sign up you will be contacted by email with the next steps in the application process. You need a copy of your idea, a professional photo of yourself, and your CV. 

Once you are ready, upload the documents, and then create a one minute video talking about your teaching experience and why you want to work for iTutor group. Don’t overdo it, but feel free to put your personality into the video to show why you would be a great candidate. 

Once the company has reviewed your video and decided to move forward, there are a few more steps before you can teach. The first step is to listen to the orientation; it’s about three hours long so make sure you block off a significant amount of time to do this. After the orientation is complete the next step is to fill out your payment information. 

From there, you will need to pass an IT test where you install software on your computer that checks your internet speed, operating system, camera, and headset. It feels intrusive, but iTutor needs to be sure that your equipment meets their standards. Once you pass that test, you will sign your service agreement. 

Before you officially start teaching, you must pass one final test. You will be evaluated while teaching a trial lesson. As long as the test lesson goes well you will be ready to make money teaching English with iTutor. 

Company hours

One of the greatest benefits of the iTutorGroup is that they have scheduling available 24/7. On top of that, they have guaranteed peak hours, so there is no scrambling to find a timeslot to teach.

Peak hours are 7:30 to 10:30 Monday through Friday and 9:30, 10:30, 1:30, 2:30. 7:30, and 8:30 on weekends. There is no maximum on the number of hours you can work, but they do ask that their teachers commit to 7 hours a week on a fixed schedule during Chinese peak times, and 4 of those 7 hours must be on the weekend.

Cancellation policy

Those who love iTutor highly tout their cancellation policy. The company allows you to cancel anytime with no reason, and there are no penalties. This makes it the perfect position for teachers with a busy family as you never know what may come up. 

Job requirements

Just like a teaching job outside of the house, iTutorGroup expects a certain level of experience from their teachers. The most important requirement to note is that you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher to be considered.

You can be a native English speaker or a non-native speaker with a neutral accent. It may not seem fair, but native English speakers in North America get a higher base pay. The company hires teachers in the US, the UK and Canada only.

Teachers should have a TESOL/TEFL certificate or be actively working toward earning one. Though it is not required, they prefer teachers with previous experience, especially in teaching English.

Lastly, you must have a passion for teaching and the patience to work with children. 

Technical requirements

This position is entirely online, so it is imperative that your hardware and Internet meet the company’s standards.

You must be running a Mac operating system of at least 10.9 or Windows 7 with an Intel core duo two processor or equivalent as well as 2GB ram. They require 1280×1024 minimum resolution and an HD capable webcam.

An analog or USB headset is essential, and the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 is iTutor’s preferred model.

The most important technical requirement of all is a strong broadband wired internet connection; you will not be able to use Wi-Fi for this position. 

iTutorGroup pay

The iTutorGroup salary is a tricky one because there are a lot of factors involved in your combined hourly rate.

The base pay is $7.50 per class, plus $1 bonus for attendance and another $1 bonus for teaching 50 classes or more.

The pay generally averages out to around $15 to $20 per hour.

You will be paid one lump sum once a month, and iTutorGroup is well known for being punctual with their payments. You're considered an independent contractor, reporting and paying income tax on your earnings is your responsibility. 

iTutorGroup reviews 

As with any work opportunity, before you take the plunge it's a great idea to hear what other employees think of the company. 

We spoke to 9 iTutorGroup teachers to find out the best and worst aspects of the job as well as their advice for anyone looking to get hired by ITG.

iTutorGroup reviews

"On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate my experience with them as a 10. Working for iTutorGroup has totally transformed family life and future options for us."


Hi, I’m Suzanne and I’m from North Wales in the UK. I’m married to James and we have 4 daughters, aged from 7 up to 14. I’m a children’s occupational therapist by training but have been full-time homeschooling our girls for the last 8 years. I also have a blog.

Last summer I had a ‘chance’ conversation in a Facebook group for families who travel or are doing life differently with someone who was working for a China-based ESL company, teaching English online to children and adults.

She told me about teaching for iTutorGroup; that I just needed a degree, a TESOL/TEFL, some experience of teaching or working with kids, and to be able to work for a few set hours each week. It sounded too good to be true! 

I have you been working with iTutorGroup since the end of August of 2018.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate my experience with them as a 10. Working for iTutorGroup has totally transformed family life and future options for us.

My husband also got a job with them in November and went full-time in January. We’ve been dreaming of becoming location-independent so we could sell up and create options for our family to have new adventures. 

There are little niggles, like occasional tech glitches or miscommunications, but these have never been an issue for us.

As for getting hired, I had to email my recruiter with a scan of my degree certificate, my TESOL certificate and my resume. She then scheduled an interview with me.

The interview lasted about half an hour and covered my background, why I wanted to work for iTG, and a couple of questions such as what I would do if a student wasn’t engaged or was disruptive. I then had to do a short mock lesson (maybe 5-10 minutes long) using three slides that she had emailed to me beforehand.

I had my job offer email within a few days and started the onboarding training within 2 weeks of having my interview. They suggest that you should be ready to start within 4 days of your interview, if you’re accepted!

The absolute best aspect of working for iTutorGroup is the flexibility that it offers our family. Working from home for a good wage is such a privilege! The students are brilliant as well. I love teaching the tweens/teens!

The worst part of the job is sometimes getting sore after sitting for hours at a time and the early morning weekend hours that we did over the dark winter nights! 

Overall, we both really love it. It’s honestly changed so much for our family and our future plans.

I’ve taught kids from the age of 3 through to adulthood. We also teach adults of all ages. I generally just teach kids because of the hours I work, but I have done some adult classes. 

The students are really similar to kids in my culture! Some love the lessons, some don’t. Some are enthusiastic and keen, some aren’t. I laugh lots and have some fabulous regular students.  

The classes are either 25 minutes (kids) or 45 minutes (kids or adults). Most that I teach are 1-to-1, though the 45-minute classes are often groups of up to 6 students. The material is planned out for you and ready to go. Some lessons need extending, but you quite quickly pick up how to gauge your student’s ability and interest levels.

Most of the lessons I teach are on a particular linear program, so the students are working through books and levels. Even within those lessons, there is scope to extend or deviate according to the student’s ability or interests. 

The 3 most important qualities in an online English teacher are the ability to connect and build a relationship (however brief) with children; a desire to see the student succeed,  whatever that may mean to that student; and the ability to laugh at yourself and have fun with the student.

You need to have a good spec laptop or computer, as the company will remote test your equipment. You need a headset with mic, not mobile phone style earbuds.

You will need to have the company backdrop, which can simply be printed out on paper and put together behind you. And you have to wear a red polo shirt. Props, puppets, flashcards are helpful, but not essential.

For anyone thinking about applying to iTutorGroup, my advice is to connect with current consultants on social media. Join the applicant groups for iTutorGroup.

Find the consultants who are YouTubing and watch everything they’ve made. I highly recommend Joe Milne, Digital Nomad Mummy, Sophia Sudak and Nikki Lubing - all consultants from iTutorGroup.

Go for it! It’s great fun, flexible and you can do it from home wearing your red polo shirt and pajama bottoms! 

iTutorGroup reviews

"The best part of this job is having the freedom to dictate your own destiny. There is absolute transparency and clearly defined benchmarks to reach in order to advance your position within the company."


My name is Stacey, and I live in Las Vegas, though I’m originally from the east coast (Massachusetts/Rhode Island). The majority of my work experience is in food and beverage, with 14 years tending bar, a bit of management, and a lot of training. 

I worked in the major motion film industry right out of university for about 2 years but the economic recession ended that quickly. I studied film media and communication studies to obtain my bachelor’s degree.

I am a mother to a 9-month-old baby boy and a wife to my favorite person in the world. I have always been drawn to teaching, however, I have feared the income difference from restaurant work.  

I have been working with iTutorGroup for 2 months. I began my online teaching career with VIPKid 5 months ago and was looking for something that would help supplement the slow periods of low bookings. 

I would rate my experience with iTutorGroup as an 8. As with everything, there are pros and cons. However, I am beginning to see more pros than cons as I become more familiar with the platform and all that the company has to offer its people.  

Getting hired was not difficult at all. I reached out to a senior consultant through social media, all of my questions were answered, and when I was ready to begin the hiring process, I started teaching within 2 weeks.

There was one interview, with the senior consultant, and once she recommended me for the position, she put her hiring manager in touch with me. The biggest headache was making my videos the proper file size to upload.

The best part of this job is having the freedom to dictate your own destiny. There is absolute transparency and clearly defined benchmarks to reach in order to advance your position within the company. 

The worst part of the job is the pay. With other companies, you’re guaranteed to get paid with cancellations, but this is not the case with iTg. With iTutorGroup, some incentives are ratings-based, and you cannot force the clients to rate you in order to receive higher pay.

Although the bookings are far more consistent than other companies, the pay is less than desirable. But if you stick with it and use the resources that are available to you, the good outweighs the bad.

I would describe working for iTutorGroup as satisfying. The lessons are very skeletal, so you have the opportunity to turn each session into whatever the student makes it. There are no strict objectives to adhere to, so you can really evaluate the retention of the student by whatever means arise through the process.  

One thing they could improve is that the base pay could be broken into different categories for different session types. 

The students are a mixed bag. The ages range from 4 to 65. Attitudes can be engaged and enthusiastic or disinterested and bored. 

The classes are varied. Some lessons are very bare-boned while others have intense amounts of content. They are far from monotonous; they cover so many topics. 

The thing that makes iTutorGroup so different is their “whiteboard.” There are a multitude of tools at the teacher’s disposal each session. They make leaving notes for students’ later use extremely user-friendly.

For someone who’s thinking about working with  iTutorGroup, my advice is to  be patient. Remember that each new job opportunity has its ups and downs. You will make mistakes with the platform. Learn from them.

And don’t be afraid to communicate with the people on the other side of iTutorGroup’s chat app. Always be polite.

iTutorGroup reviews

"The best part of working for iTutorGroup is the flexibility to put in hours whenever I want, and the extra income. 

Overall it has been a positive experience. They are a very professional company and have always treated me fairly."


My name is Alex and I was raised in Chicago, Illinois; however, I am Mexican by birth and currently reside in Monterrey, Mexico. I studied and have a bachelor’s in computer science and currently hold a full time position with Microsoft. I teach for iTutorGroup part time.

I’ve been with the company for 3 and a half years.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate my experience as a 9. Personally I have no complaints. I make good money and I have always been paid on time. I have also met some lovely kiddos through the years.

For me, getting hired was very easy. I applied, passed the grammar exam and an interview was set. The interview was relatively easy and I was hired on the spot. 

The best part of working for iTutorGroup is the flexibility to put in hours whenever I want, and the extra income.

The worst part of the job is the constant rule changes.

Overall it has been a positive experience. They are a very professional company and have always treated me fairly.

One thing they could improve? They could treat their teachers a bit better. I haven’t had any bad experiences but have heard stories. 

For the most part, the students are very respectful and engaging. You tend to get some kids who are tired, as Chinese kids are pushed academically by their parents.

The classes are planned and could use a revamping. I tend to go off the cuff a lot in order to have a better and more memorable experience with my students.

One thing people might not know about iTutorGroup is that I think they have the largest client base, thus bookings are more consistent. 

My advice for someone who’s thinking about working with iTutorGroup is to hang in there and form a client base. Once you build up your rating, you’re pretty much guaranteed a full teaching schedule.

iTutorGroup reviews

"One thing people might not know about iTutorGroup is that it’s a 24-hour company, so you can open extra slots if you want to make extra money, and the system books you so you’re always booked 99%, if not more."


Hi! My name is Shaheen and I’m from the UK. I’m a mum of 3 children, my eldest is 20, my daughter is 11 and I have a toddler who’s 2! I have been working online for the past 4 years and I love it! I always say I wished I knew about online work when I had my 1st child. 

I have worked in schools and also in admin in the medical sector. I would never want to go back to work in a school or an office and definitely wouldn’t want to commute. And I could not imagine leaving my kids.

Working from home has made me choose to homeschool my 11- and 2-year-olds and, we travel more so life cannot get any better than this.  

I have been with iTutorGroup for 13 months.

My experience with iTutorGroup has been amazing; I cannot fault it, so I would say it’s a 10.

It was very easy to get hired. The interview only took 15 minutes and because I already had online teaching experience I didn’t have to do the mock test. I was working for iTutorGroup within a week and fully booked, which was fab! 

The absolute best aspect of working for iTutorGroup is the flexibility!  

The worst part of the job? To be honest I have only had good experience with iTutorGroup, and especially coming from 2 other companies I can compare. I do believe every job has its ups and downs but it’s nothing that you cannot deal with.  

Overall, I would say this job is great, especially for mums who needs flexibility as our life is already hectic with kids. 

One thing they could improve is definitely the ratings!

We teach between the ages of 5 and 18, and adults. The younger children can be shy. Then we get 9- to 12-year-olds who sometimes can’t be bothered, and then the teenagers, who are very eager to learn the language. I find the adult classes can be interesting as you can have a good conversation, especially if you only have one in a class.

The classes are catered for each level. The younger children will always be fun, and of course, using props makes it even better. The higher-level class has more reading material so they can practice pronunciation. 

One thing people might not know about iTutorGroup is that it’s a 24-hour company, so you can open extra slots if you want to make extra money, and the system books you so you’re always booked 99%, if not more. 

My advice for someone who’s thinking about working with iTutorGroup is: 

1. Always enter your class 3 minutes or more before start time. If not you will lose that class. They like you to be punctual.
2. You actually get booked up with iTutorGroup and it’s not about who pays more if you don’t get booked up as it won’t matter. So I honestly feel if you get slightly less money with iTutorGroup, remember that you DO get booked up.
3. You can apply for secondary positions so look into them!

iTutorGroup reviews

"Again, it depends on your lifestyle, but I very much enjoy being able to work from home and being able to travel and count on a steady source of income while I do it."


My name is Juan, and I am a 24-year-old Colombian-born American citizen. I lived in Colombia and Brazil as a child and moved to Florida when I was about 7.

I studied music and English at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where I later worked as a copyeditor for a university publication called The Alligator and as a music instructor at a local academy. In 2018, I moved to Bogota, Colombia, to teach English. 

I have been with iTutorGroup for about 6 months.

As far as rating the company on a scale of 1 to 10, honestly, this depends on the type of lifestyle you want to have and your expectations regarding online teaching.

Everyone’s opinion will be different, but I think I would rate it a 7. As far as online ESL companies go, iTutorGroup is pretty good at booking classes, so I don’t have to stress too much about having an empty schedule. However, as with most, if not all, online teaching companies, one has to be prepared to deal with things out of one’s control. Technical issues, unenthusiastic students, rigorous parents are among these.

That being said, the pay is quite decent and it can be rewarding helping people learn. Because iTutorGroup is a big company, and because they are so far away, it can be difficult to feel like “part of the team.”

If you’re like me, however, this could be more of a positive than a negative. I like independence, so as long as I know my role and my contract and as long as I do what’s expected of me, I'm totally okay with feeling on my own.

iTutorGroup has a pretty quick hiring process. Basically you submit an application and schedule an interview with a recruiter. The interview includes a 5-minute mock lesson in which you pretend to teach a student using a few slides.

This is definitely the most important part of the interview, as they weigh teaching ability over qualifications. This is mostly because online teaching can be very different from teaching in person, and they want teachers who appear confident in this role.

My advice would be to check out YouTube videos that can help you ace the mock lesson. There are a ton of resources that can help you know exactly what you need to do.

For me, the biggest advantage to this job is the flexibility. iTutorGroup is now enforcing a 10-hour commitment per week, but it’s pretty easy to cancel scheduled classes as long as you do it with enough notice (more than 24 hours is preferable).

Again, it depends on your lifestyle, but I very much enjoy being able to work from home and being able to travel and count on a steady source of income while I do it. 

The worst part of the job is the rating system. This is probably the biggest complaint about iTutorGroup. The company used to have an appeal process where you could attempt to appeal very low ratings and, with some luck, maintain your average.

In my experience, I haven’t had bad luck with this aspect of the job, but you hear stories of people being rated 1s or 2s unfairly (a child having a bad day or technical issues) and subsequently having their account put on hold or terminated.

Depending on your contract, they ask that you maintain a certain average rating each week, so this adds a little bit of anxiety to the job. 

Working for iTutorGroup overall is different for everyone. iTutorGroup is one of my 3 sources of income: I’m a writing tutor for SmartThinking and also give private English lessons in Bogota, so I consider it a part-time job. For me, this takes some of the pressure off and allows me to feel a bit more relaxed regarding ratings and booking rates.

Teaching online takes some getting used to, but once you get into the groove it becomes more enjoyable and stress-free. I work about 20 hours a week with iTutorGroup and feel very grateful to have a decent paying job I can do from my own home.

Like I said, the rating system is the biggest drawback. iTutorGroup has clients of all ages, so the fact that children as young as 5 or 6 have so much power over you, without being able to grasp the implications of a low rating, can be anxiety inducing.

My advice is to do your best, not obsess over the ratings, and not take low ratings personally. This can be hard to do, especially at first, but I have found that the stress diminishes as you gain confidence and experience.

There are two main types of classes: 25 minutes and 45 minutes. The 25-minute classes are all junior classes, this includes teenagers, while the 45-minute classes are for adults. 

I have found that the majority of adults are very respectful, courteous and happy to be there in general. The children can be a bit more of a toss-up, but that’s to be expected. For the most part, however, they are usually fun and respectful kids, though it can be a challenge when they’re not willing to cooperate.

I have no complaints regarding the way the classes are planned and laid out for you. As an English teacher, I appreciate not having to develop my own lesson content, and iTutorGroup has good and entertaining content that is usually easy to teach through and expand upon.  

Here and there, you will need to employ some creativity and improvise, as sometimes the lessons prove too short or too long, or simply do not interest the student in terms of topic. This is part of the job. The most important thing is to help them have fun and encourage them to learn, so sometimes you will have to think on your feet.  

The fact that iTutorGroup offers both junior and adult lessons is a huge advantage over similar companies. Some people work best with kids, and others with adults, so having the option to choose which to focus on is quite nice.

Besides that, iTutorGroup does require a headset, professional lighting, and for you to wear a red polo or sweater. They also require a backdrop displaying their company logo. Some people choose to print this out, while others use green screen technology through a service called ManyCam.

My advice for someone who’s thinking about working with iTutorGroup: YouTube is your best friend. I used these resources before my interview and knew exactly what was expected of me.

After getting hired, I used YouTube to learn tips and tricks and to watch a few unedited lessons that experienced teachers have recorded and uploaded. This worked very well for me as I have always been good at learning by example.

Otherwise, the company does offer training videos, PowerPoints and quizzes for their teachers but, in my experience, watching real lessons on YouTube helped me much more.

iTutorGroup reviews

"Overall I enjoy working for iTutorGroup! There is good variety in both students and working hours, as they operate beyond the normal 'peak' hours of most Chinese companies."


My name is Kelly, and I’m from the US originally but I live in Australia. I am currently travelling/being a nomad in Europe. I have 2 sons of my own. My background is in neuroscience, but I got out of that many years ago and became an online ESL teacher nearly 2 years ago.  

I have you been working with iTutorGroup for 1 year.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I would you rate them a 9. 

Hiring is pretty straightforward. Complete an application, do a 15-minute interview, then complete onboarding (2 training sessions, IT test and complete a profile). Then start teaching. I started within a couple days of applying.

The absolute best aspect of working for iTutorGroup is the booking rate! The company books for you and consistently fills my schedule.

The worst part of the job is the ratings. The company cares a lot about ratings for teachers and staying about 9.0 is a must, which can be stressful, particularly if unfair ratings happen from students.

Overall I enjoy working for iTutorGroup! There is good variety in both students and working hours, as they operate beyond the normal “peak” hours of most Chinese companies.

One thing they could improve is the rating system

The students are all ages: kids and adults. Just like any company, it’s mixed. Most students are great and want to be there. Some are having a bad day and don’t want to be in class. 

Lessons are provided and there is a lot of variety. Some lessons are really fun, on interesting topics. Some lessons are a bit drier and boring.

One thing people might not know about iTutorGroup is that it actually comprises 6 companies and has students in Japan as well as China.

My advice for someone who’s thinking about applying is not to stress about everything. Get familiar with the company and how everything works before you start, and you will be fine.

For teachers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, feel free to use my referral link. For teachers from all other areas, this is my other link.

iTutorGroup reviews

"Getting hired was really easy. Now it’s much easier than before. A person will apply, prepare for the interview and a mock class, and start teaching. With our mentorship, everything can be finished in 1 week."


Hello! My name is Milena and I’m 31 years old. I live in Serbia. I have more than 8 years of teaching experience online and offline.

I started with online teaching when it was unpopular, and now I’m working for one of the best companies in this field. In my free time, I am a writer, with 3 published novels and over 100 published short stories. I am creative and fun, enjoying life every day.

I've been working with iTutor Group for almost three years. I've met some interesting students and have had a really amazing experience as an online teacher, because iTutorGroup offers great things. 

On a scale of 0 to 10, I rate them a perfect 10. Teaching online with the iTutorGroup gives me the possibility to have more time to spend with my family, travel, and write my novels and short stories and be creative.

When you love your job, nothing is hard. You can achieve everything; you can be happy and satisfied. I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face because I know that I will see my students and give my best.

Getting hired was really easy. Now it’s much easier than before. A person will apply, prepare for the interview and a mock class, and start teaching. With our mentorship, everything can be finished in 1 week.

We are offering a lot of training, so even a person without experience can easily understand how to do this job in the best way. I’m working as an official recruiter and direct interviewer for iTutorGroup, so I’m in contact with new applicants all the time.

The absolute best aspect of working for iTutorGroup is being able to manage my free time, having flexible hours, being fully booked all the time, and for sure the easy cancellation policy. If you can’t work at the time you wanted, you can just send a cancellation request and you will be free.

That being said, sometimes this job can be hard and sometimes it’s stressful, but thanks to all the freedom and the company’s kindness, those negative experiences are easy to forget. I would quote William A. Ward here: "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." 

I would like to have more time, because with teaching and interviews my day is full. I am in constant communication with my applicants, mentoring them and giving advice. Sometimes it can be hard, but on the other hand it’s great because you’re changing someone’s life.

From the moment that I started with iTutorGroup, I believed that I am more than a teacher. There are so many responsibilities, and I happily do them every single day. While making my morning coffee, I’m thinking about students and how to make them happy. While I put my make-up, I organize my thoughts and think about questions to ask them.

Sharing my knowledge and experience with them will fulfill their lives and make learning fun and interesting. They will not see me only as a teacher. I want them to see me as a friend, as a part of their life.

One thing they could improve is maybe the rating system. I see that a lot of teachers are stressed about getting a bad rating. That’s the only thing they should improve in the future. 

Mostly I work with kids, and I adore them! They are so smart and so cute! I have some classes with adults and we bond, and that's the most important thing, to make a bond between you and your student no matter how old are they!

We have classes with kids (3-18) and each class is 25 minutes long. With adults, classes are 45 minutes long and we can have up to 6 students in this type of the class. We have lecturing sessions where we have over 100 students, demo and training sessions…

The classes are mostly fun. They never feel monotonous. I think we have interesting lesson plans for adults, and Oxford University material is very interactive and interesting for juniors. 

For someone who’s thinking about working with iTutorGroup, my advice is to give it a try! I am an official interviewer and recruiter and I will offer my mentoring throughout a whole application process and when you start.

For any questions, I will be here to help you. I don’t want just to find new people for the company. I want to find people who will be happy to do this job with iTutorGroup. I’m in communication with top management from the company, so I will help for any question. You can contact me via Instagram or Facebook, here, here, or here.

iTutorGroup reviews

"iTutorGroup differs from other companies in a number of ways that are critically important for teachers who want to work for a stable company and make more than just some extra pocket money."


My name is Rick. I’m originally from New York City. I graduated from NYU. Most of my career has been in nonprofit management and public administration.

I started working for an NGO in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil about 8 years ago, and eventually got married and have a son who is American and Brazilian. He’s now 6 years old, so I am currently an expat and ITG pay scales are an attractive opportunity in what is a pretty low-paying and depressed Brazilian job market, that is particularly difficult for foreigners like myself. 

I have been with iTutorGroup for 6 months. I also currently work for one other online teaching company. I divide the work hours between the companies to achieve a full-time workweek. 

ITG has been pretty awesome. I would rate them a 9, because nobody’s perfect. I love the computer-generated booking system that keeps me at a steady level of income every week.

As for the hiring process, I had prior experience teaching English in an ESL program of a nonprofit organization back in NYC and, of course, with my other teaching job. For applicants who are new to the online teaching world, these interviews can be challenging, but with some preparation and research, the interviews don’t have to seem so difficult. 

Unlike most job interviews, the ITG interview is focused on technique and method. There are certain standards for teaching English online in the industry, but some research (on YouTube) will enable an applicant to easily acquaint themselves with these standards. So I would say, the interview is difficult if you don’t prepare and practice beforehand.

The absolute best aspect of working for iTutorGroup is the flexibility and opportunity combined. I call it “flexotunity.” Flexibility because you can make your own schedule and opportunity because ITG provides a broader working schedule than most companies. 

While most people might point to the time zone difference as being the #1 challenge, I think, with a good schedule and discipline, it’s easy to adjust to working early morning or late evening hours.  

However, the bigger challenges are the myriad technical disruptions that can occur unexpectedly like slow internet speeds, power outages, computer or laptop functionality problems, etc. 

 ITG is pretty strict about these disruptions leading to a teacher canceling, not showing up for or not completing classes. Accumulating too many incidents can lead to termination.

Tactics, like having a secondary internet service provider, are helpful in avoiding these incidents. So is having a backup device, so in my case, I use a notebook and have an iPad near at all times in case the notebook just doesn’t work for some unexpected reason. 

Overall, my experience has been pretty fluid and fun. I, of course, love teaching English to children and adults, and iTutorGroup provides plenty of opportunity to do both. ITG is a well-run company and that provides me with a strong sense of security since teaching is my primary source of income.  

Furthermore, the Facebook groups are enormously helpful for troubleshooting issues and building community with other teachers. The groups are treasure chest of info and advice that alleviates a lot of doubt and builds your experience quickly based on what other teachers have experienced and posted about.

ITG really operates with a “client is always right” sense of management philosophy taken to its most extremes. I have worked for 3 other China-based online English schools and this has been a pretty consistent business management philosophy.

So if you get a disruptive or uninterested child as a student or an overbearing parent (thankfully both situations are not common), expect that the class feedback may not go your way. And in this industry, teacher feedback coming from parent and student reviews matters a lot. 

Sometimes the parents or children can be difficult, but it’s not common, and I think ITG could do a better job of intervening on behalf of the teacher to insist that parents or children change behavior.

Unfortunately, I think culturally the Chinese companies find intervening in this way to be shockingly unusual and to be counterproductive to profit. It’s much easier to focus fault or shortcomings on the teacher. 

The children range from 4 to high school age. In my opinion, they are a joy to teach. The vast majority, way over 90%, find learning English to be interesting, fun, and exciting—and they appreciate the teachers who are part of this experience.  

They are engaging and friendly with English speaking or comprehension skills that can be quite impressive at times. About 90% of the time I teach classes with students who can speak and/or understand basic levels of English so that the lessons flow pretty smoothly. 

This is similarly true for the adult students. They often have very interesting and awesome reasons for embarking on an English learning journey, and being a teacher in a class with them means sharing a little bit in their world experiences. 

I get to learn so much about cities in China, industries, environmental or social issues, etc. I love the adult classes because they are basically an opportunity to have a 25- or 45 -minute conversation with someone on the other side of the world. 

The lesson plans are designed to facilitate interesting topic discussions, so they set the table for the dialogue and exchange. For example, one lesson topic may be about the most popular zoos in China or the most rare animals in Australia, etc. 

The classes are never monotonous. I find them to be highly interesting and engaging. They expose me and the student to interesting information about cultural issues, tourism, the environment, important landmarks, famous people, and so much more. 

For example, I recently had a lesson that was about the life of the most famous pop music singer in history: Michael Jackson! I am a huge Michael Jackson fan! During the lesson I get to contribute some extended content about how I experienced Michael Jackson as a young child in Brooklyn, NY in the 1970s and from the lesson I learned new information about him too! 

He was discovered by his mother who heard him singing one day in his bedroom and encouraged his father to make him the lead singer of the Jackson 5! So that was a 45-minute lesson of fun stuff to share and learn with a Chinese adult student, in which my main job was to guide them through learning new vocabulary and ensuring their correct pronunciation throughout the lesson. Great stuff!

iTutorGroup differs from other companies in a number of ways that are critically important for teachers who want to work for a stable company and make more than just some extra pocket money.  

First, ITG has extended hours. Most companies only offer work during evening hours in the Beijing time zone, which is 6 pm to 9 pm, on weekdays, what is often called peak BJT. iTutorGroup operates from early morning, throughout the day, and into the evening. There are simply more available hours to work for teachers who want the hours. 

Second, ITG assigns classes to teachers via its software system or automatically. With other companies, the students or parents pick the teachers. This means that teachers have to market themselves with short videos or interesting photos to draw the interest of parents/students.

With ITG, I can rest easy knowing that if I schedule to work 3 or 4 hours on a given day, the system will more than likely book classes for me, whereas with most other companies, there is no guarantee, and I could be sitting in front of my desk with no students to teach. 

With ALL companies, you only get paid if you teach a class, so automatic class assignments are a priceless thing that gives ITG a big edge with teachers.

My advice for someone who’s thinking about working with iTutorGroup is to commit with focus and be tech prepared. Be ready to prevent or circumvent any unexpected technical difficulties with a back-up internet service or secondary notebook or tablet. 

ITG is good at managing clients, not at managing your tech problems. Their focus is on making sure you have plenty of students to teach, and they do that well, but helping you overcome tech issues is not something they are built for or motivated to do. 

They’re also not very forgiving when these problems occur and cause you to no-show or miss an assigned class. I think ITG prefers that teachers invest in being prepared for the unexpected, as opposed to relying on ITG’s managerial kindness and empathy.

If you'd like to apply, feel free to use my referral code and reach out to me if you have any questions!

iTutorGroup reviews

"The best aspect of working for iTutorGroup is that I get to meet some of amazing students in China. I have had a blast just seeing some of my regulars progress in their English speaking abilities."


Hi, my name is Audra and I teach online, but I have been teaching offline for 5 years. I started out getting a degree in theater arts and I had a preschool job during college, and that’s how I fell in love with teaching. I have 6 nieces and nephews.

We are a filming and an art type of family. My nephew has a YouTube channel (Tacoman123) and my dad is an artist. I am close to my family and I have a strong belief in my faith.

You can follow my virtual teaching journey on Instagram or YouTube.

Below is one of my best videos. Check it out!

Anyway, I have been with iTutorGroup for 6 months.

I would say they’re a 10. Every company has their flaws but you have to understand that I have been searching for a legit, work-from-home job for 10 years. I have come across so many scams.

When I discovered iTutorGroup I was skeptical, but they have been great to me. I have a flexible work schedule with unlimited cancellations if I can’t make a session (before an hour, of course). I feel like I finally found the treasure after all my years of searching.

It wasn’t very difficult to get hired. I actually was interviewed by a recruiter and it made it so much easier when I went that route.

I had to fill out an application with her and my interview was via Zoom. She asked me some questions and I did a mock class for about 5 minutes. I got the job the next day!  

The best aspect of working for iTutorGroup is that I get to meet some of amazing students in China. I have had a blast just seeing some of my regulars progress in their English speaking abilities. 

In those 25 minutes, I get to make an impact in a child or adult’s life (there are adult students that we teach sometimes). I remember I once taught an adult who was really having a rough day.

She amazed me because she wanted to do the lesson to forget her bad day. But she wanted to talk about it afterward. When it was over, she thanked me for helping her. I’ll never forget that session. On the other side of the webcam is a real human with real feelings. Our words and actions can make a huge impact on someone’s day. 

The worst part of the job is when tech issues happen. Those things occur and sometimes are out of our control. Then the student thinks it’s us and they give a low rating, which can be unfair.

Overall, working for iTutorGroup is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I have always been intrigued with being a virtual teacher, and when this company crossed my path I wanted to give it a try. I love it! I get to set my schedule, if I need to cancel I can because it’s unlimited, and I get to spend time with my family or working on hobbies. 

One thing they could improve is the way the rating is done. I love hearing out kids but I feel it should be a combo of kids and parents before the final rating is put in. That being said, they drop the 3 lowest ratings.

I know a lot of consultants feel that the rating is unfair and it can be sometimes if a 7-year-old is giving the feedback without the parent. I’m not saying that’s the case all the time, but it can be at times.

Students could be adults or children. You will get a wide variety of attitudes. Some love taking classes, others would prefer to be sleeping. You have to remember that teenagers are the same all around the world. They are trying to figure themselves out while constantly studying. 

I have enjoyed my adult classes. It’s always fun and interesting to learn about their culture from their perspective. Ages could be anywhere from 3 years old to 18 in the children’s section. 

Classes are planned out for us, which is awesome! I have noticed that slides don’t go past 15 at this company. They use the Oxford University Press curriculum and they have some consultants create lesson plans. Some are fun while other lessons you have to make fun.

One important thing to note about iTutorGroup is that you will always have work no matter what hours you set available. Also, the system books you, not the parents. That’s what I like about working for this company. At some of the other major companies, the parents book you.

My main tip for anyone thinking about applying would be to make sure you make it to your classes at least 10 minutes before. They say 3 minutes, but you want to work through any tech issues you might encounter. 

Also, make sure you have at least 10 hours available. Try not to get 6 absences or you will get let go. It’s also helpful to have props to make the classes more fun for the students.

If you want to apply, feel free to use my referral code!

Similar online teaching opportunities

Teaching English online is a booming industry, and there are a lot of similar companies out there.

While the main goal is to teach English, each company has a different approach in both method and teacher compensation.

To know if iTutorGroup is the right company for you, it helps to know a little about the other guys. Pretty much every position requires a bachelor’s degree and high-speed internet, so those should always be considered a factor.

Whales English

Whales is unlike other companies because they specialize in small group setting for school-aged kids.

With a base rate of $18-30 per hour, this is one of the best paying companies out there, especially when considering that there are still bonuses on top of that amount.

The one downside to Whales English is that you must be available during peak hours. Payment is made through Payoneer or a bank transfer and you are considered a contract employee.


Palfish is unique in multiple ways. Unlike other companies that require a computer, Palfish uses mobile devices and their own app.

The other way that Palfish stands out is that they allow you to set your rates. Most teachers set their rates between $10 and $18 per hour, but some are successful at over $20 per hour.

You will teach 1-on-1 through this app and students can range from 5 years old to adult. You are required to work 4 hours a week, which is not a big deal because Palfish has hours available 24/7.


As the name suggests, VIPKid caters to students 15 and younger. The minimum hours per week are 8 and most of the peak hours are evenings after 6 pm in Beijing.

Base pay is $14-18 per hour but can reach up to $22 per hour with incentives. You have to be from North America, but you can teach from anywhere in the world. Teachers are paid once a month through direct deposit. To find out what VIPKid teachers think about this job, read 36 candid interviews here.

Magic Ears

Magic Ears is one of the most transparent companies to work for. 

With Magic ears you’ll only be working with kids aged pre-k to 12-years-old. Classes can host up to 4 students, and base pay is $18 per hour but can max out at $26.

You must be a native North American and be available for at least 3 classes a week. Magic Ears pays once a month through a bank transfer or PayPal. To hear what Magic Ears teachers really think about this job, check out this awesome article.


Cambly has a different approach than the other traditional online English teaching jobs, which some may find a better fit. Instead of structured class times, Cambly is an on-demand service that pays teachers 17 cents per minute; that comes out to $10.20 an hour.

The pay is lower than other companies, but you have the convenience of working on demand and minute by minute.

Students range anywhere from age 5 to adult, and given the structure of the class it's rare that you will see the same students twice.

One more benefit Cambly has over competitors is that they pay through PayPal every Monday, so there is no waiting for your money.

Why is iTutorGroup a good gig for moms?

Finding a legitimate work from home job is a challenge, especially one with such a fantastic pay rate.

But pay isn’t everything.

iTutorGroup also offers a flexible schedule and the ability to cancel classes with limited notice, which is important when you have a family to balance.

One of the greatest benefits for moms, and anyone who is choosing to teach English from home, is the fulfillment you get from teaching others while learning about another country and culture.

If you're sure you want to get into online teaching, you won't want to miss our epic article with advice from 100+ teachers on how to succeed in this industry.

Beyond the feeling of fulfillment, another great benefit of this job is that monthly check that allows you to pay the bills without affecting how your family functions. 

Please note: These are the opinions of a small selection of teachers. Not everyone has had or will have the same experience and these types of schools and platforms tend to adapt frequently to the changing online education landscape. We would advise you to do plenty of research on your own before applying.